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Hand made sustainably and ethically in London. We create special pieces for a collectors wardrobe, including unique art prints and made to order suits.

The old school bespoke tailor was the original sustainable fashion maker - we want to bring this way of doing fashion to the modern woman and the modern suit. 



Made to order tailored garments, using your own measurements to create custom pieces hand made in London just for you. These items are high-end investment pieces.

Pre-order Prints

Limited edition printed garments with hand drawn graphics in pre-order small runs. These runs sell out quickly so be sure to sign up to be notified when these drop. 

Everyday wear - coming soon

Small run stocked every day basics coming soon.


We have made the conscious decision to be a slow fashion maker to avoid contributing to the environmental issues of mainstream fashion -  every item is pre-order, made to order, or small run. We are one of the few designers who can truly avoid wastage and for this reason, we thank you for your patience as the wait time on your items may be slightly longer.


We utilise waste-free, recycled, organic, reconstituted, ethical or environmentally friendly fabrics - while not every fabric hits all of those points we try to make the pieces you want now as best as is possible in the current fabric market.



For our suits we source the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics available from European suppliers (Portugal and Spain). These garments are created by a small team of talented seamstresses who work from an ethical studio in North London. Our suits are made by seamstresses who specialise in high-end finishing and also work for luxury brands like Vivienne Westwood and Acne Studios.

For our Mesh items we custom make and print our fabric here in the UK in an ethical factory. Our fabric factory only makes to order, they do not hold any stock or produce beyond need - meaning nothing needs to be thrown out or burnt. Our manufacturing process is water-free and all the inks used are eco-friendly.


  • Vegan certified (European Vegetarian Union - V label certifed) 

  • Produced in a 'closed loop' which the water is reused (no water wastage) unlike other fabrics

  • Made with cotton linter which is a waste product of cotton (so this is recycled instead of polluting)

  • Made from plant based materials and therefore biodegradable 



  • Made from recycled and reconstituted materials

  • It is certified Global Recycle Standard (GRS). The GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.

Mesh and Silk Satin​

  • Our fabrics are made to order which means our producers hold no stock or produce products beyond need, which means that nothing needs to be burned or sent to landfill to keep brand value

  • Our fabric is made here in the UK in an ethical factory, this keeps the carbon footprint low 

  • The manufacturing is water-free and all the inks are eco-friendly. 

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